Solving all your hiring headaches. We mean it.
At Recruit Link, we believe that the heart of an efficient and relevant
hiring solution is the human touch. Hence, we are here to change the recruitment game by
restoring some old school traditions when it comes to hiring. Try us!

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Account Managers
An account manager will be assigned to you once you sign up and they will help you to analyse your job posting to increase the effectiveness and relevancy of it to today's job market.
Curate a customized checklist for your desired candidates to save yourself some time sieving through resumes irrelevant to your requirements.
Talent Acquisition
Have an urgent vacancy? Our experienced recruiters are here to help. Notify your account manager of your need and our recruiters will contact you as soon as possible.
Apart from knowing how many applicants signed up for your job, we can also tell you how many people have viewed but not signed up for your job. This can help us to better advise you on how to improve your job advert.